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About Us

Founded in 2017, GongCook is one of America’s first state-of-art, automated food production companies. Our 80,000 square foot facility houses multiple highly automated production lines that prepare, cook, package, & freeze high-grade meals engineered for large bulk production.
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Meet Our Founder
Bill Ng 


NYC restaurateur, serial entrepreneur with 39+ years of experience in the food & restaurant industry.

Chairman of American Chinese Restaurant Alliance (ACRA).

Before GongCook, Bill owned numerous Asian themed restaurants. He's also an expert in food manufacturing equipment and food production automation. Since 2012, he has attended major food production exhibitions around the world and visited a variety of international leading food equipment manufactures and central kitchens.

What we offer at GongCook

Consumer Insights


Our experts are always keeping an eye on the latest flavor trends to ensure every solution meets changing consumer demands.



Bring to life your innovative product formulations through prototype creation. Our industry experts can help you create new and improved recipes.

Pilot Plant Testing


Prep your developed ideas for pilot plant testing. Our development team will work with you through sensory evaluation and production modification.

Final Production

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After a successful round of consumer testing, your creation is ready to be mass produced. We will finalize product specification, source and secure all ingredients ensuring production meets food safety standards


85 Newfield Ave.

Edison, NJ 08837


Telephone: (732) 662 -1228


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